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Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, March 17

UN Commission finds Russia committed war crimes in Ukraine -- Russia transports stolen Ukrainian grain via occupied Berdiansk port -- China sends rifles, body armor to Russian entities -- Russian occupying forces in Crimea preparing for defense -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, December 24

Prosecutors uncover 54 Russian torture chambers, investigate over 5,000 cases of alleged torture -- Russia moves more personnel, equipment to front line in Ukraine -- Kremlin censors talk of mobilization in Russian state-controlled media -- Putin relies on hand-picked information feeding into his miscalculations on Ukraine war -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary Sunday, August 28

Russia likely increased efforts in Donbas, but secures few territorial gains -- Autumn to be 'decisive period' of war -- Russia has no more than 45% of its missiles left -- Russian attacks have destroyed 10,000 civilian sites in Mykolaiv Oblast -- and more