About WriteWorks

This is a semi-private Plume instance. Plume is a federated publishing/blog platform using ActivityPub which connects federated sites. Thus a blog posted on one Plume/Federated site is published on all Plume/Fdeerated sites.

If you know me and would like an account, just get in touch and I’ll get you setup.

Otherwise to find a public instance of Plume, go to https://the-federation.info/plume. Also see the section below about ‘How to Like, Boost (reshare) or comment on any post’ for even more options.

Runs Plume 0.7.2

How to Like, Boost (reshare) or Comment on any post.

You may like, boost or comment on any post/article on this or any Plume instance with an account anywhere the ActivityPub Fediverse protocol is used.

Find an instance (website) with open registration and sign up - it’s free. Here’s a list of the most popular Fediverse software:

You may find the list of Themed Servers useful.

Welcome to the Fediverse