About WriteWorks

This is a semi-private Plume instance. Plume is a federated publishing/blog platform using ActivityPub which connects federated sites. Thus a blog posted on one Plume/Federated site is published on all Plume/Fdeerated sites.

If you know me and would like an account, just get in touch and I’ll get you setup.

Otherwise to find a public instance of Plume, go to https://the-federation.info/plume. Also see the section below about ‘How to Like, Boost (reshare) or comment on any post’ for even more options.

Runs Plume 0.6.1-dev

How to Like, Boost (reshare) or Comment on any post.

You may like, boost or comment on any post/article on this or any Plume instance with an account anywhere the ActivityPub Fediverse protocol is used.

Find an instance (website) with open registration and sign up - it’s free. Here’s a list of the most popular Fediverse software:

You may find the list of Themed Servers useful.

Welcome to the Fediverse