Articles tagged "evacuation"

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, March 25

Russia trying to encircle Avdiivka, but getting exhausted -- Russian occupying authorities in Crimea sell their property, take families away -- UN human rights monitors report torture, killing of POWs in Ukraine -- Russia launches missiles at civilian 'invincibility center' in Donetsk Oblast, killing 3 -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, March 8

Ukrainian forces have 'likely stabilized' their defensive perimeter in Bakhmut -- Zelensky says capture of Bakhmut would give Russia 'open road' to other cities of Donetsk Oblast -- Ukrainian pilots ready to be trained on Western fighter jets in any country -- Ukrainian pilots ready to be trained on Western fighter jets in any country -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, October 15

Russian troops to arrive in Belarus in coming days -- Belarus began covert mobilization 'to man up existing combat units' -- Belarus provides over 60 tanks, dozens of vehicles to Russia -- Russia used two-thirds of high-precision missiles it had on Feb. 24 -- Russian forces prevent civilians from evacuating occupied territories -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, October 14

PACE recognizes Russian regime as 'terrorist' -- Satellite images show 11 Russian strategic bombers close to Norwegian border -- Ukraine only has 10% of air defense it needs -- Ukraine is ready for possible attack from Belarus -- First deaths of mobilized Russian troops spark renewed criticism of Russian military command -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, September 14

Ukraine's counteroffensive in Kharkiv Oblast -- Russian occupiers begin leaving Crimea, southern Ukraine with their families -- Russian troops loot homes in the east, south of Ukraine -- Ukraine needs more air defense to protect critical infrastructure from Russia -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, August 27

Russia blocks final document at UN nuclear treaty conference -- Russia using 'education' as a tool of oppression -- Russia shells Ukrainian military with ‘all types of weapons,’ tries to resume offensive in Donetsk Oblast -- Russia received hundreds of Iranian drones -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, August 15

Discussion on EU entry ban for Russian travellers expanding daily -- Ukrainian partisans damage railway bridge near Melitopol -- Russia's priority likely to reinforce in southern Ukraine amid counteroffensive threats -- 42 countries urge Russia to withdraw troops from Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, 6 June 2022

Russia launched several missiles toward Kyiv from Caspian Sea -- Russian cruise missile flew 'critically low' over nuclear power plant -- Putin threatens to attack locations that haven't been hit yet if Ukraine gets long-range missiles -- Ukrzaliznytsia confirms that four Russian missiles hit repair plant in Kyiv -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Russian troops send evacuating civilians down mined road, shoot survivors. -- Russia deported 232,000 children from Ukraine since Feb. 24 -- Ukrainian forces liberate 24 settlements in Kharkiv Oblast -- Russian shelling leave Donetsk, Luhansk oblasts without gas -- Russian troops demand bribes from citizens evacuating Melitopol -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, 9 May 2022

Russia bombs Jewish cemetery in Hlukhiv, Sumy Oblast -- Difficulties in command, faltering performance on front line draw Russia’s senior commanders onto battlefield -- Putin’s regime ‘mirroring’ actions of Nazis -- Russian military focuses on destroying Ukraine's airfields -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, 23 April 2022

Russians shell hospital in Donetsk Oblast -- Russian forces use cluster munitions in Sloviansk -- Russia strikes Kharkiv region 56 times on April 22 -- Moldova summons Russian ambassador after reports of Russia's goal to access Moldovan -- and more